Sunday, October 05, 2014


I will have a solo show at GR2 ,
opening reception  is on 10/25, Saturday,
and the title is 

This show is about  my new project "Marilla Blue" (picture book), and it's behind story,
how it has build in long time in my head ( still i am building up),
since I made "BLUE AND ORANGE", an animation short as a sophomore project at Calarts in 2002-3.
I hope you can feel my Blue and Orange and infinity and beyond,,,

Marilla was a beautiful blue.

Not quite the blue when the sky is in a good mood.
Not quite the blue when the ocean is in a kind mood.
It is Marilla’s blue.

A different blue whenever you see it.

It is Marilla’s blue....

excerpt from "MARILLA BLUE"

Created by Mari Inukai
Story by Ayako Fujitani
English Translation by Ayako Fujitani and Sena Inukai



Even though I love to do animation, I had felt my limitation to  be able to do "something"with "traditional animation", so I was trying to figure out what I can do and I love to do most, with the tool "animation", and while in my struggle time, which opened up my eyes, head and mind to be able to create "something" only I can do.



2062 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025(310) 445-9276


Friday, July 11, 2014

COMICON 2014!! 7/24-27

I will be at giant robot booth, come to see me (^__^)
Here is the link for detail information!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I will have a solo show, please come to join the opening reception!

Saturday, December 22, 2012


so, i think i had pretty crazy time this year of 2012,,, well as usual i have been a kind of a drama queen,,(just let me be an unusual). i had a pretty big surgery, changed my job, directed an 2d+3d animated commercial for first time ever, illustrated a children book, curated a first and last group art show for sena, and had great time with friends a~nd some dramas in my personal life....anyway, here is the last post in 2012,

i wish everyone happy holidays and happy new year!

and if you have time,,, please check out Giant Robot and GR2, while in your break time with your family and friends,,it is fun to go there, and try some new Asian foods all around GR, i tried some,, yummy!  i love around there!

here is OBAKEMAN GID VERSION from SEKAISEIFUKUDAN, now available at Giant Robot and GR2! (did i tell you obake means ghost in japanese..?)


and a free mini print, (8''x5'') with a purchase of obakeman while the show PRINTED MATTER/ A SHOW OF MULTIPLES which happens now. (^_^)

and my print, torotoromarillaz III, 'for the show, please contact Giant Robot 2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 445-9276 for detail, and inquiries.

and here is the link for my free print, again,,, happy holidays!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Here comes a special exhibition in end of October, only once and the last group show curated by Sena and me for her birthday, and presented by Eric at Giant Robot.
I will have 8 pieces of new works and Sena and my friends have one piece each of new work.
All about hope, love, friendship and dreams...

Monday, July 09, 2012


SDCC will begin from this Thursday, 
I will be there from Wednesday night to help my friends setting up and stuff, 
( well most of time I will be walking around and checking events though :p)
And here is my schedule, 
I hope to see YOU there, please come to say hi and give me your 

And also there is a fun exhibition at Giant Robot Booth

I customized one of UGLYDOLL, CHUPACABRA

And, also there will be new exclusive print available
Here is signing schedule,
Saturday, July 14: 2pm to 4pm
Sunday, July 15: 11am to noon

Friday, June 29, 2012


I started activate really early morning today, well it is habit I wake up around 6 am everyday,
but I went to bed around 2 am last night, so I just slept 4 hours,
and made my coffee, and then I started working on customizing an Ugly doll,
and after that it happened.
right after I started feeling awake,
I needed to do was making a serious pitch pack,
wow, I have been just working as a graphic designer, for more than 2years, and so my head and eyes were like seriously (@__@) kind of look like this, you know.
and then I tried working on, it was exciting time yet I was not so fast to get in the world, a lot of thinking, more like too much thinking, and then I was not able to visualize anything cool,, and so I asked Sena, and she woke me up! (she is talented, yeah you know, her idea was really fresh and cool and so I got jealous serious, am I bad?) 
and I started visualizing,,, took so long come up with the idea, but while I started enjoying it, I needed to stop, in order to fix weird look from my videos,  I needed to look for old files and tried to fix, but somehow I was not able to do so, it was around 4pm.
and then I finished up making first base for the Ugly doll, and then put the first graze on a painting which I am working on so long time yet not finish.

 Custom Ugly doll for GR Comi-con special event

now it is dry and I finished blog, so I will paint.
oh while I was doing that, I finished new tshirt design, which will be exclusive at Giant Robot, 

UCHU-SEIFUKU on progress

sena got a part time job for first time ever at japanese toy store, she will ride bicycle so I want make the nekomitaina space suit helmet as real bike helmet.

Mari Inukai tshirt 2012 GR exclusive

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

here is a sketch study for new painting.
I have been updating my website and blogs,,, besides working on paintings for a show at GR2 in October, stay tuned (^_^)

Friday, June 22, 2012

What I have been doing...

I was working in the office almost one year, i could see this view,

with inspiring sweet people,

 since Sena left to UCSD, I started living by myself, which I have never done before, these new friends had become super big help for me everyday, besides my close friends.  

I felt I was in school... haha

we even put costumes for some fridays.(it was the prepp nerds friday) 

and of course they let me draw (^_^) hehe
(I made them still for me some lunch times.)

Thank you my friends,

seen you soon 

and happy birthday Tam!  Be good!

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Sekaiseifukudan: More than just Toys, Art from My Heart

Finally, my Sekaiseifukudan figurine series will be released today.
Except for the people in production and photographers, nobody has seen them in person. I am really glad and happy that some people already ordered and got them without seeing or holding them in person.

I was thinking long time about creating figurines of my characters with transparent form, the idea is something that I have been always fascinated to capture or create in my art work. I have been seeing some transparent figurines out there from long time ago, so I know it is possible to make, but I wanted to put a floating heart in every each one.

Having a floating object inside of a figurine — technically it was a big challenge nobody had done before — at least I believe for sure that it was first time to try for the artists at Heroine International Limited where my Sekaiseifukudan were produced. And they really tried, so much talent, so many methods, and so much time. Sekaiseifukudan is made by hard plastic and silicon filled, so the heart can float in the body, which nobody could achieve before or wanted to because of the expense. But producer Mike Watson at Inner Sanctum believed in me and all my ideas, so he agreed to make them how I wanted. And of course, as an artist I was really picky.

Because of their unique designs, not only materials, but also coloring materials, and painting on each of them, it was a really big manufacturing challenge. Being really picky about color and texture and so many things, it took a long time and a big effort to make them look PERFECT!

And here they are, every each one is so carefully made and packed in a beautiful custom designed black box, ready to be held in someone's hands.

I am really grateful to Mike Watson and Rachel Stone at Inner Sanctum and all the people who are still working at Heroine International Limited for making one of my biggest dreams come true! Jack Muramatsu, your photographs and posts have been really helping me out. Thank you so much Vinyl Pulse! Eric Nakamura, thank you so much for your support. I am really happy to be able to have release event at Giant Robot!

Thank you to all, and all your support!


Mari Inukai

Sekaiseifukudan Presale open now!