Wednesday, June 14, 2006

TOUCHO-JYUKU-want to live in Japan?

Hellooo, do you remember my ceramic toys?!
the company which made my toys is now looking for students who want to learn ceramic art!
if you are interested in just send them e-mail and ask detail about it!
Here is basic information about the school.
Toucho art trainning : they have equipment to learn and practise the professional technique/technology of fabrication, calcination, paints, and glaze (Oribe, Irabo, Ameyu, Kiseto,
etc.), with the tradition that predecessors left. With mastery in hand forming, sculpture and painting basic in practice,
you can make your unique pottery art freely in the equitment with temperature ranging from 1250-1300℃
Class is open for all ages.
Beginner, Mandarin speakers and English speakers are welcomed
They teach completely, until you can make art with your own kiln by
yourself. or at most 3years.
Class structure:
First period :Constitution of clay and gypsum moulding, reproduction, coloring, a
biscuit firing, raku firing.
Second period :Sketch, line, field, hand forming, slab, painting (paints, glaze)
Third period :Original art creating when you have mastered all the techniques

here is the mail address:
Toucho art tranning office
2-81-1, Nishihara-cho, Seto city,
Aichi pref, 489-0972