Friday, July 14, 2006


I went to have dinner with DAVE MCKEAN FAMILY last night..
I was kind of nervous... I will have dinner with Dave Mckean....I love his arts, his arts influence on me a lot, when I want to visualize in animation mode....moving objecs in deep space but they are still in 2 dimentional world, or in reality.. in dream., many dimention, many layers, beautiful colors, textures.... HaaH~!,
so I wanted to get autograph from him on his book I have... two children wanted to have a red goldfish, so they exchange with their dad....ha,,,i cannot memorize the title...realy long title, something like" the day we trapped my dad with...goldfish?
u....I am bad...I need to memorize..
so I asked Liam,(his son...really cute! 10 years old)
" what was the title....?", he rememberd the title of course...

when I was in brain storm mode to visualize my student animation film.."piece of hope", this book help me a lot..and then I wanted to give my DVD to him... but somehow,,I was not able to give it to him....
Hah~, anyway, food was awesome, I had one of best squid ink risotto..sena and I got ink black mouth and the way..
we were dressed in black.. so it was funny and cool..ha ha ha.
come to comicon! KENTO, Dave Mckean, and other artists will be there for signing...!! at ALLEN SPIEGEL FINE ARTS at booth numbers 4800, 4701 and 4703.!! new books will come out!