Saturday, August 26, 2006


I just got back from MAUI!!Wuiiii--!! (>_<) there are a lot to want to talk about, but for now...
"cover to cover" show is on line. so please check out...and thank you for coming opening and giving me hugs and love.
here is my painting I did for the show,a little bit about my painting....
so..what does "cover" means to me...? I questioned myself.
I do not have any COVERWORK I checked know, if there are inspirational meanings of "cover",
and I got idea..
it is like this,"I am the leader as who i am, and my characters,SENA are my teams, I need to COVER them to protect them from evils or bad things, but also we are fighting as team to feel make people feel happiness! that is what good side of "sekaiseifuku" means!..
so I painted them..they are also covering eachother...can you see? thank you for sena, kento, and my inspiring friends, without them..I am nothing..
thank you for Nucleus...without your support..I am not here ,...