Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Ok... I came to work this morning, cleaned up my area,,and cleaned up all my figures to make them ready for HAllooweeeeen!
Changing placement and posing and stuff.
I changed my desktop pictures to BEAWARE and 666..yeah.. getting there....Listen TOOL ,ROB ZOMBIE,,
It is my favorite time in YEAR..
scary movies on TV..he he he...

well..I watched "SCREAM AWARDS" last night, and it was pretty exciting. I saw Rob Zombie, I kind of like how he looks, and Kento said, "I will make myself look like that".. And I thought, "???...may be cool."
and I saw KORN, my chemical romance? , linda blair,quentin talantino,robert rodorigesu--!
I know I am spelling names crazy aren't I....
It was goood..OVERentertained... I made up the word,, but hope you know how I mean.
anyway..I liked it. did you see it, HUGo?

OK, so anyway, I started checking mails on computer, and clicked MANNY'sblog and saw 100% CHRISTMAS STUFF!
Thanks MANNY for showing me CUTE stuff..
My EVILLNESS is gone... now.
I want FAIRLY ODDPARENTS....Perfect as Christmas present for SENA