Friday, November 24, 2006


I went to see THE FOUNTAIN, opening night, it was third time for me to see.

first time I saw, I was sitting pretty close to DARREN ARONOFSKY, and could see how he reacted to the audiences' reaction at screening.
it was WB's screening for getting opinion from 30~40 people who just watched the filmin order to consider marketing stuff.(there were full audience in the theater though).
anyway, the event was exciting..and serious.

I love this film.
I just cried..cried..It is a beautiful love story from the heart, from his heart.
how come he can make just what he want!
yes, because
Darren Aronofsky is Genius..

I love the effect of one f#@$%#^g! point of view, it was really strong and beautiful more than enough to make me concentrate to see what is going on inside of one man's mind.
But amazingly, there is no limitation in anykind of space,
Darren is holding a magnifying glass and a telescope and pencil and brush!!!

I gave him a big hug with total respect..fu fu fu..

second, I went to AFI film festival, I had chance to see, his parents said to him, " I am proud of you.." and hugs and hugs.
It was amazing moment to be in.
Darren was wering super cute suit too.!
of couse I told him so!! fu fu fu..

and then, I went to the opening, and took Sena,,
"looks really like Kent's book, not in the bath room scene though, fu fu.."
so she said, she cried too.
a little bit mature subjects of love story, (something like that..she said.)

besides my YE-Y!(>_<)! report,, all I wanted to say is
you need to see this film!!
happy after thanksgiving!