Sunday, March 25, 2007

What am I doing..

Sunday afternoon,, I just finished my freelance job to make style frames for a commercial pitch pack..I hope they will work for getting a big job! however, while I had been working on that project and another project, I had been thinking about what I want to do next, and what I need to do next. and made me frustrated... you cannot do what you want to do AT ONCE anyway.
It is 100% sure, first I need to paint to finish up 5 paintings sitting behind me right now, they are all my new characters.. I love to paint characters, which are animals, creatures, monsters with stories to make them alive..,( besides I am thinking to develop them in as children books, or and stuff) Sometimes there are too many of them inside of my head, so that I cannot even think and see real world I am in,, well here is the proof of what I am thinking all the time.. people..check this out!
I finally found CLUTTER MAGASINE# 9I am in.. you can still order it...but I put the article, so you can read it actually only first page, since I cannot upload big image,,,well still hope it is ok putting article on net.... well I know...Elizabeth did it.. so it is ok right? GEOFF!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GREAT ARTICLE. so encouraging!!!!
ok.. I will start painting.. PAGE1&2PACE3&4