Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I have started

since I am so lazy that it is not easy for me to decide to move on.

but I need to anyway,,,,so I drew.
may be I am making everything dramatize, but I do not feel like I have energy,,missing something from my body...oh yeah,, I need to work out.... for sure ha.. well so I think I am lazy and unorganized. I should do something anyway,
I do not want to feel unsafe with unemployed I need to organize my plan seriously...

I start working on "NIPPONSEIFUKU" animation, with NYLONMOTION Inc. It will be 3D animation..
I start working on making new t-shirts..
I decied my solo show title.
It will be"KURO TO SHIRO-another dreams"
I already have some drawings.. but not starting painting yet. I will draw Sena and Sena's friend on friday...I want to make super duper cute scary sexy drawings and paintings,,,ha. since kuro to shiro means black and white...hahaha.......

I finish a commission piece...and hope I can finish one painting today.... I will post it ..when I finish.
thank you so much for all of my friend who give me love.
I should be ok anyway.......right?