Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday 11:42

One more week,, I am nervous, scared, excited, and besides that I feel like there are so many small monsters in side of my head, and they are running around so fast inside of my brain.

I do scream sometimes, when they run too much and fast, I need to scream, "WUuWAH~~!!" like that, and when it happens in front of Kento, he always says to me without making me feel stupid or something,," what? so many are going on in your head?",,or something close like that, well sounds like that,( I do not remember the exact sentence, but in right English, not in Maringlish,, you know,, )
and when it happens in front of Sena, She says," are you ok, " and then she gives me a hug, tight one..


I believe most of my friends got invitation from Nucleus, and I really really hope everybody can make it for my opening next Saturday, November 17th. 7pm!!!!
and everybody my FANZ! ha ha ha ha ha~!

I hope we can all have fun!