Saturday, December 01, 2007


It's Opening tonight!
My friend LUKE CHUEH is curating this 4th annual show with 1988, this year it opens in San Francisco!
For me it's 2nd time to join, and I have two new paintings for this show.
SEI and SHI, Born and Death.

I have been painting animals, characters and human figures to make my own world to express who I am, what I am thinking and feeling.
I believe Luke is doing the same, his Bear is not just cute and scary bear. IT IS LUKE CHUEH with full of his thought and emotion.

If you are living in SF area, please check out the show, and try to discover what are messages in the artworks.

Here is the picture of me and LUKE, he came for my opening and got my "okorukumao" painting,, he said to me, it was destiny to get the painting..
And here is the painting, Luke showed me, when he came over my place. He painted in 2004
And we talked about what is happening to bees, what is happening in this world,,.
What we can do with artworks are limitless. Hope I can do something good for FUTURE of EARTH.

And please check out NEW NUCLEUS SITE, they updated pictures and artworks from "KURO TO SHIRO" show!