Friday, May 16, 2008

First of all thank you for everyone, who checked out my shows!! I had a great time and excited to hear many people like my new works...I am keeping working hard, so please stay tuned!!

Here is the new commission painting I just finished for JOE, he loves it, and I am happy! yey yey!

By the way, two days ago, finally I got a chance to check out Yoskay's show at Project gallery!( since I was wondering about his works,,, really Japaneseish,,,and I like his concept about the show) and wow his works are pretty amazing....I think it would be fun to make art work together,, if I see him, I will tell him...and this is my favorite!

And I went to Royal T with Beau (Project gallery owner) and Edwin!(Edwin and I have been showing at same galleries,, and I like his ALIVE figures in his paintings and we are internet friends, but never seen him in person,so I was happy to see him, finally I did!!)
His solo show will be in July at Project gallery,,,, I will go to the opening for sure!

and oh my gosh!!! Royal T!! It is like a museum,,,even though there is no Japanese made,,,sighs,, I will go there today again......