Friday, January 09, 2009

It was my birthday yesterday.



Love you always,

I got a funny BD card from my sister..
who was so small when she was a kid, but who is so...(cannot even describe) now, gave me beautiful heartful words on that card.
( I am the one with bawl cut head,,he he )

I had enough sho-chu on Wednesday 7th. and got happy birthday hugs and love from my friends, and I had buzzed lazy head all day yesterday.
But tried to be positive and active and creative.
Because the words on the card made my eyes opened...(T_T)

And I got a whole pecan pie and pumpkin pie from Beth and Tom..(how we are going to finish these.......)

And Kent took sena and me for dinner, and we went to a book store, and I found a really really good children book.
I read it to Sena,
artworks on every each page are amazing and which are funny and strong, and words are simple and beautiful, of course, they are funny and strong also.
The story was about "what are you doing right now"
first I was just laughing and after I read last page....I couldn't stop crying..
And Sena asked me, "do you want it?" I just nod,
and she got it for me..(T_T)

and then, I went to Chihiro and Bryan's to pick up my car...( I was not able to drive back, since I was so drunk.ha ha)

And I got these pins from them.!!
Bryan made them for me...(T_T)

And I got a "silkscreen print painting" from Kent!!! oh my go~sh!!(>_<)

I am super lucky spoiled bi@#$^%^&^&98765#$$%^!!

Thank you.. thank you. thank you. thank you,
And thank you Tomochan, Stella, Emilie and JR.