Friday, May 22, 2009

Jeana Monster

Let see, how I should start...
I finished Jeana painting,
which is for Monster show at Copro Gallery in July, (I like it!)
and I thought about what she had been doing??
after I met her at her solo show opening on 16th.
(show is still going on at TAYLOR DE CORDOBA till June 27th.)
And then I got an email from her said," let's have coffee",
so I went to see Jeana to get her yummy coffee (she makes seriously good cappuccino),
and to have girls chat this afternoon.
And I got her pillowcase!! Oh yeah!!
which are still available, so check her blog!!
We had pretty exciting conversation about "what is going on with our future...."
So all I can say is " Stay tuned with Jeana.. something good and big are going to come out from her.. Jeana Monster is awake.."