Wednesday, June 03, 2009

cannot go back either...

Sena asked me to make one for her...
And so I did.

She brought out her album and showed me how she looked when she was 5.
I was trying to visualize her as 5, but it was kind of hard to do so..

She said to me,"DID U FORGET???"
Ha..ha.. I just did not remember her hair style,, that was all though...
(Well,,actually,,,need time to make myself clear to do so,, you know,, it was long time ago..)

And it was actually really fun to make it.

I tried to get out the MEMORIES from the drawer in my brain,
in order to get the images of,,what kind of clothes she was wearing, what did she like???
And I thought about Sailor Moon,
I was drawing Sailor Moon characters, and Sena was just all Sailor Moon...Wait a minute!
That was when she was just 3.4 year~s old.... Yeah,,!
Now I really remember..Ha ha
I just tried to draw Sailor Moon again,,, and I enjoyed doing that and actually I thought,, she is really beautiful...
As character design, she is really good..!!
Well, or how come my lovely Sena was addicted to... and of course, I read all comics and saw the first Sailormoon movie and cried..serious..

Sena told me when she saw the drawing,
She agreed with me how beautifully complicated the design of eyes were..
and told me,,
"Wha~t I was smaller when I love sailormoon~ I loved POKEMON!"
yeah~ I totally remember now... sorry Sena...