Tuesday, August 04, 2009

AUGUST what i have been doing...

i did a sketch of a new painting for GR2 group show,
i have been painting for up coming group show at Nucleus end of this month, and i need to finish them soon, i will have one reborn painting and two new paintings.

And the same time i have been doing something to survive in this world, and what i am doing for that is not enough for making me safe yet, but it is not easy to feel safe in this world now, so i should not weep about.
i am an independent, but i am too dependent, it is all my fault to put me in this way now. wow.. i sound super emo for sure.
Being an adult is really hard.....should not to be hard? or i should not say hard..or should not say ANYTHING.
So well anyway, i started re-thinking again..
and i had been lost...ha ha as usual...

i really really need inspiration, motivation, stimulus.

One of my friend told me, i should draw syunga,,yes,,right?! that is how i thought.
i have been thinking about painting more pretty ero and nippon jin paintings
i actually decided my next year solo shows' title, which is DECADENT.
well anyway and so i did started.