Friday, October 23, 2009

And so how it went...

It was great fun...I will totally come back to the show for sure, since I was not able to really see the exhibition itself, there were too many people.. I mean I had three sapporo beer (small) and some foods, and having fun meeting new people and my friends, but I was not able to see every each one, not only art works but also Hello Kitty stuff...there are many many stuff I need to check out...
And I want to eat Kitty chan waffle too,,so..
Anyway here are some show and tell.

I got in the Royal-T, first, I just wanted to see where my painting was, so tried to go to the gallery space, which was far back of the store, so took pretty long time to reach there. Royal-T is pretty big.

Oh, first thing we did was actually got goody bags.. line was so long, but Sena did good job to get them pretty first.

my painting got really good placement, the spot of its my archenemy above, so told him and took picture with, but his pushing my head down pose made me feel,,,....we need to fight when we have time...

and there was lovely Pink Natalia, Sena and I will be model for her sometime soon.

I found James Jean and Travis.. long hairs...And and..I will paint Wen!.. soon! I love James Jean's painting of her....,I am super lucky,,ganbaru.

Sena and MISHA

I got an interview with Japanese TV,,, but I do not know which channel of ..I should have asked...ha..

And my friends!..

And SENA!!!