Friday, June 29, 2012


I started activate really early morning today, well it is habit I wake up around 6 am everyday,
but I went to bed around 2 am last night, so I just slept 4 hours,
and made my coffee, and then I started working on customizing an Ugly doll,
and after that it happened.
right after I started feeling awake,
I needed to do was making a serious pitch pack,
wow, I have been just working as a graphic designer, for more than 2years, and so my head and eyes were like seriously (@__@) kind of look like this, you know.
and then I tried working on, it was exciting time yet I was not so fast to get in the world, a lot of thinking, more like too much thinking, and then I was not able to visualize anything cool,, and so I asked Sena, and she woke me up! (she is talented, yeah you know, her idea was really fresh and cool and so I got jealous serious, am I bad?) 
and I started visualizing,,, took so long come up with the idea, but while I started enjoying it, I needed to stop, in order to fix weird look from my videos,  I needed to look for old files and tried to fix, but somehow I was not able to do so, it was around 4pm.
and then I finished up making first base for the Ugly doll, and then put the first graze on a painting which I am working on so long time yet not finish.

 Custom Ugly doll for GR Comi-con special event

now it is dry and I finished blog, so I will paint.
oh while I was doing that, I finished new tshirt design, which will be exclusive at Giant Robot, 

UCHU-SEIFUKU on progress

sena got a part time job for first time ever at japanese toy store, she will ride bicycle so I want make the nekomitaina space suit helmet as real bike helmet.

Mari Inukai tshirt 2012 GR exclusive