Tuesday, September 12, 2006


SO! I went to CALARTS to help and enjoy the Baxton auction last Saturday,
and first of all, it went really well, so I was glad!! (>_<)!!!
And I am happy, I got Mary Blair designed small world figure cosmetic set!!! YeAhhhh----!!!!!!(>_<)(>_<)(>_<)!!!
and, DON HALL's original color pencil drawing....yeAH!!
I never had any experience to BIT something, so it was exciting and dangerous..you know what I mean...
but everything was for GOOD REASON, so I enjoyed 100%!!
I had chance to hung around with Hugo and Elizabeth,, we had break at the same spots.. we had when we were students there two years ago,
we all felt...something, missing. something,, we never be able to back there....
well..anyway..here is my drawing, I did when I was a student..
hope I can see my friends soon...