Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday OISHII production

I think I am super luckey to see cool new is one of them,I got a new friends from my new work. Alex who shows me a WAY(yin and yang),
one day, I told him, how much I got excited and inspired from one artist and she is still 26 years old, and sells her oil painting which is geniously awesome gooD,,700,000 dollars..yes just awesome.
and he said to me,
" you make things to show, or to sell 700,000 people... how cool is that...."
...see?! you know what I mean.
I thought that I want to make things to go to all over the many different way..
there are a lot of things happening right now.....
I will do my best for everything.
and guess what..?
I played Wii at my new work!! YEY!!!!! my another new friend,WEIRAN just brought from home,,,,!!!! thank you! It is just amazing, I played real bowl!! can you believe that...?
and I killed some people sitting behind me.......
I mean in the game...
there are actually 360c animated enviornment going on...well of course,, but......
I through a ball and it went to behind me, and there are some audience in the sheets moved crazy,,,,