Saturday, March 03, 2007

New paintings,"fish dish"1 and 2 for Power In Numbers at Nucleus

I have started painting. This is my second week being in OIL smell, and feeling good..
I have been painting for a commission and for some group shows.
Here are two of tiny paintings I did for Power in Numbers show at Nucleus. I finished last week, they are water color paintings, so I did not take long time..... I like them.
If you remember, I did another set of paintings, which title was "fish dish" for last year Power in Numbers show, so I did same title but different characters this year.. I thought that it would be fun to do series for same show...
The opening date is May 12th... so I will post later around the time again...
And I will be in a group show for a brand new gallery "WINDUP GALLERY" in Phenix, Alizona in May.
and for a group show at "Gallery1988 SF" in June.
and I need to start painting for my second solo show at NUCLEUS in November.
So awesome to be in OILPAINTING mode.....
by the way.
one of my another dream comes true!! yey yey..
I designed a ROBOT, yes finally, I cannot show you yet, it is confidential, and in progress, but you know, that means something will happen soon..yey! My Robot will take you a dream world... soon.......ha ha ha...(>_<)!!