Friday, May 25, 2007


I got a painting from ELIZABETH!!!!!!!!!!(>_<)!!!!!
I just wanted to show... ha ha ha hah-!!!
in case, if you do not know what kind of relationship I have with Elizabeth,,, she is my friend, sister. And she is super talented artist and writer..yes she can use both side of brain really really really well.
We went to CALARTS together, finished school together with putting mickey mouse graduation hats,, it was already 3 years ago...
I still miss a lot how we spent time together almost everyday, almost always right next to eachother.
She was always there, always inspiring, and always she encouraged me to make me feel really better.. And still she does a lot...without her, competing with her, I am not here for sure..
one of my dream is making one super cool project with her and dominate this world anyway watch out what she is doing and she will do.....I believe many of you know.