Friday, May 18, 2007

I just wanted to tell you what I have been doing...

OPENING is TONIGHT!! Well unfortunately I cannot go to, but if you live close to "WINDUP GALLERY" in MESA, AZ, please check out and let me know how it is.!!

I just finished study for my new painting. This painting is for the grand opening show at gallery MOBIUS. My friend Bryan's friend, Wonhee will open new gallery and store in Korea Town. On 6th St. Right next to PINKBERRY,,, Sena and I are kind of addicted to.... ah ah--- pinkberry( mango, coconut and strawberry with plain yogult is my favorite).
Bryan Lee , Jason Cook and I are working together for my new animation project,"NIPPONSEIFUKU-MUKASHIBANASHI" at
For this project and another animation project, and painting, and designing products, and and....
I am using my brain in full speed, and trying to visualize as much as I can so I am crazy now.

And while I was trying to edit animatic, since KW's computer acted sooooo slow, I made him and my new hat.. oh.. I forgot to scan the hat.. well you now my hat...His name is "KICHI", he is bat bone..dark side of my new character "PRINCE KOUMORI"
do you know who I am talking about.....

And here are my TAKOGETA,
for "KARAN-KORON' show at MELT GALLERY next month. Sides of GETA are pretty cool, but I was not able to scan, so if you have time,
come to see my TAKOGETA and have some sake with me..
AND do NOT forget!!! "Power In Numbers 2" will OPEN TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!