Monday, May 07, 2007

ANIMATION(click title to know what I am talking about)

I saw "TEKKONKINKREET" yesterday. The film was perfect. I just love it. Story diged into my heart, and art made me exhale 100 times, just beautiful.
My favorite artist in Japanese inderstry worked on this historical animation film. TAIYOU MATSUMOTO, KOHJI MORIMOTO, SHINJI KIMURA,yes people who made AKIRA,MEMORIES, ROBOT CARNIVAL.....And and...!!!!!
I believe this film change the idea of animation film in all over the world, specially in HERE...yeah,, should be changed I hope.
I believe everybody who loves animation feels
same as I feel, well at least I know Emilie and Justin do.
You need to see this film... if you did not yesterday, I think it will be shown all over few month, and DVD WILL COME OUT NEXT MONTH, I will get a region free player and get this money save money....
so I got enough inspiration to finish up storyboards for "NIPPONSEIFUKU:MUKASHIBANASHI' is one of concept drawing for it.....I am ready.