Friday, May 04, 2007

tomorrow is the children day in JAPAN

Well, in Japan, it is even national holiday, and people celebrate your sons health and happiness. Yeah it is actually for boys.. not for girls.. There is girls day and for peach trees( to celebrate birth of Spring), and it is 3/3..but not national holiday.....
So...MAN"S world is it...
well... but, most of people do not really care about the difference,, unfortunatly, or fortunatly..
Anyway, I am celebrating childrens' and Sena's health and hoping their cannot be a child forever, but you can be like child forever.. that is how we are..

here is a new painting, I just finished for my solo show at Nucleus..this is a very first painting for the show.. she brings luck to me always..
how lucky I am...(^_^)