Friday, July 13, 2007

it is tonight

I am taking antibiotic,,tiny monsters are fighting in my body....feel hot in my head and body,,but I am painting,and some how I feel good.
so anyway, here is the painting for tonight's group show at Nucleus,
title is BRAINOPENER..yes, I had dream I told you....
I went there on Wednesday, and painted around the frame on the wall.
I tried to make it as clean as possible,, but it was pretty hard.... I wish I could use just photoshop to fill in paint in my drawing.
ha ha ha.....well and I put my kichi dude on the wall. I got a one drip on the wall and made me feel like " shoot myself.."
well looks good anyway,, I need more practice.
and I finished hat, which Sena will put on tonight, and my artwork is Nucleus only for tonight.
So come to take pictures with Sena and Me!
I hope I can be there or so.. Since I know there will be crazy traffic jam on 10fwy......... but I hope I can see my FRIENDS! I will e-mail right now....