Sunday, July 08, 2007

"Process" at Nucleus

I have been working on paintings for up coming group shows, and I think I finished the one for "Process" I will have at Nucleus, and Opening reception is on 13th, FRIDAY....dark side of me will be awake on that day.. ha ha ha.....
Yes, I am suppose to be done by now,, well, I was not able to stop myself to make my idea complete.( I never be able to complete anything though I know, but I need to try and I want to try anyway... yes that is how "Process" means to me, I think.)
anyway, I will bring the painting and a doll tomorrow to Nucleus, and paint on the wall a little bit...So this show is a little bit different from other group shows I am in..
I painted about my dream I had,, I was in hospital and checking my brain X-ray picture which has two tiny holes bit by vampire zombie....( I think I want to make a short horror movie based on my dream..does anyone work with me..?)
I wanted to post the painting, but it is still wet, so to let you guess how it looks, I will give you hint.
ok and here is my prince bat and kingyo painting which is in "Back for Seconds" show at Gallery 1988SF(they are available now people!), and this painting is for a children book idea, I am developing now with my sister, and story is about the relationships among environment and kingyo and vampire prince bat. and and, I am trying to finish soon.
I think I really like bat, vampire, zombie and stuff, in many aspects of them. so I want to make something super goood stuff with those characters... I do not know how I can explain, but there are a lot of idea in my brain....
Everything I do with bat, vampires and zombies are related eachother in many ways and I am thinking to develop as a big project...
anyway. hope you get interested in what I did for "Process" show and come to see me at opening..lets have some blood with me.
ha ha ha-!