Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sena just graduated!

Finally, I got some time to come back to show and tell about what I had been experiencing. And they were pretty exciting.
First of all, Sena finished middle school!
On the day of graduation, she put "hakama" from 7:30 am to 11:00 pm,
since we went to have celebration dinner with my Japanese friends.
We know each other almost 11 years, so they were all surprize to recognize,
how much Sena grow, and how much they got old.. ha ha. not me.
There are 3 layers of kimono and all super tight on her body, but look,,,she servived..
Yeah.. so cute! isn't she? anyway, we went to "GONPACHI", the Japanese restaurant on La Cienega, looks like a hotel in "Spilited Away", in real life..
If you live around here, check out with a camera for sure....oh bath room is super cool too, ha.

And, about me, I just kind of finished creating a music video for "Class of 3000", Cartoon Network show!!
Hooo-ray! for Me!
I needed to create everything in one week, concept art and storyboard, so honestly I had been crazy to visualize so many stuff how I want.....with doing mom stuff. Now I need to paint for my shows.. and clean up my house..
My next job is doing color for "Abe Sapian" comics with the inker Jason Shawn Alexander I am excited!