Sunday, December 30, 2007

The End of 2007

I had been sick from right after Christmas, I finally feel OK now...on the Christmas night, I had crazy amount of red wine and white wine, I bet I had at least one big bottle,, and of course, I ate too much, and then of course, I just t$#%^*p crazy,,, I even asked myself,where were they? in my stomach? how could be?... well I should stop thinking about it,,you don't wanna hear that.. now I do not like wine anymore again.... stupid me...
and then after that, I just had bad cold,,I guess. I had body ache, stuffy nose, dry throat,,no energy..
well, so I missed some activity, I was planing on after Christmas,,sign,, but I got "Wii" and Kento got "guitar hero III" for SENA, ( for me also,,(>_<))!! Hooray! Finally!! so I played a lot...ha ha.

There were so many good things happened for me in this year, but also bad things too, I learned from my experiences and hope I am better person and better artist now, one thing I should keep doing is having full time job, that is for sure, and hopefully, there will be a lot of exciting surprises next year,, well I keep working on as much as I can,, Do my best!

Thank you so much for my family and friends who are supporting me always with love and kindness, hope you have wonderful exciting surprising New year 2008!!

and here is the last news about me for this year,
MIKOSA Issue 04 will come out soon!!!! A4 size hand made magazine from Mikosa Foundation in Amsterdam!
I am one of ten artists, featured in this magazine,,I cannot wait to see in my hands.

Mikosa Foundation - De Wittenstraat 25/1 1052 AK Amsterdam - The Netherlands Phone/Fax: +31 (0)20 4865824 Email: