Saturday, January 05, 2008


So it will be tonight! Opening for THE NATURE OF WATER group show at NUCLEUS!
hope I am able to see many Bruce Lee alike to get to chose from,,, ha ha,,I am kidding.
I forgot to scan my painting, but I have writing about what the painting means, so here is.
“PINK NO ZOU-SAN” oil on board, 10 8/5 x 24 in.

I cannot even find the words for describing how much I respect and love Bruce Lee.

I thought that I wanted to paint one scene from my animation movie, Swifty and Bangiras,

That scene, Swifty does Bruce Lee Kick to evil character who knocked out Swifty’s Best friend and master sifu Bangiras, only that time actually Swifty uses her Bruce Lee’s kick
(her own body) to express her anger towards the evil character,(but evil character is controlled by “the negative power” build up with being’s sadness, confusion, anger, pain.)
So, Swifty should not use her own physical power to hurt evil character, should use the weapon to get rid of negative power from evil character and to make them go back to good character.
ANYWAY what the philosophy behind the scene is my education from Bruce Lee's PHILOSOPHY:Swifty should not express Anger with physical attack,.
Anger, which make everything wrong, I should control it,
Bruce Lee’s words are always inside me to make me feel I am in water, floating in water,
Draining in water, be water. To get rid of or calm down Fire inside of me.
Well and then
Suddenly I got a different image I want to paint more than the scene from Swifty and Bangiras, so I changed.
I thought if he is here, I want to show something to express “happiness”.

Pink elephant doll was my branky for long time, I still remember his look and his texture, I was holding him all the time.
I am floating in water with my pink elephant.

If Bruce Lee is here, I want to say thank you to him and hope I can give him a big hug.

Come to see the show tonight,,,, I might put yellow Bruce Lee costume...