Saturday, January 12, 2008

the year of rat and 4 Soren Show!

wow.. it is already 12th of January 2008( and kento's birthday! omedetou), somehow days passed so fast, and I was not able to look at sky....kind of feeling I got...Bruce Lee show past a week already..and I need to post about another group show,"4soran." Opening party will be on next Saturday 19th. from 5 pm to 9 pm!
This exciting group show is ALL for SOREN, who needs help!

Here are my donation pieces.

"NEZUMI-DOSHI:let's go together" 2008 pencil,ink and watercolor on paper 5x7 in., frame12x15 in. $200

"TONOHIME II" 2008 pencil, ink and watercolor on paper 8x10in., frame 15x19 in. $400.00

And my pink bobble bunnyz! ( autographed 4 of them) $15.00

Please come to check out to help Soren, there are many of great animation creators' art works!! I cannot wait to see!

Oh by the way, here is my painting I did for Bruce Lee show,
it is still available at Nucleus.

I was able to see my friends and cool artworks at opening, and felt Bruce Lee.