Thursday, February 22, 2007


Elizabeth called me two days ago, and told me he would come to Virgin megga store to promote DVD of his master piece,"THE SCIENCE OF SLEEP"!!!
Yes, I just came, and I am still excited, and I had been so excited thinking about what would happen when I saw him. Elizabeth and I were talking on the phone last night, making happy crazy stories about what we should do, when we see him.
Yeah, our conversation was like his film, since I believe Elizabeth and I are crazy enough to make weird fun stories.. you know..well,, you need to read what she blogs about, and she will put pictures too. But for now,I just wanted to show and tell, how sweet and nice he was.
Here is the drawing of Sena and me he did. I still can not believe he was there in front of me. I shaked hands, and gave my animation DVD and toys I made, and told him how much I love his works. He was smiling and drawing, while I was trying to say everything I wanted to say, and when he finished drawing, took picture of Sena and me and drawing 3,4 times each..( I was so wondering what he would do with them)..I know it is a bi-----g dream, but I want to make film or music video with him... so I hope he remembers me and likes my art works and call me or e-mail me someday soon....well I told you it is my big dream...

Monday, February 19, 2007


ye--y!! thank you so much for BIDDERS! I got 23 bits and final bitting plice was 710 dollars. Yes good numbers!!
I was really glad to be the part of "CHARITY BY NUMBERS" show, and I really hope for peace and love to ALL CHILDREN in this world. And thank you for Gary to give me the oppotunity to join the show.
Here is my still available artwork! NUCLEUS's owner Ben took beautiful picture of my painting for me and it is on their site with detail photos, I am still a little sad since I was not able to go to the opening, miss my friends. but
AFTER THESE MESSAGES...I need to start new paintings for some group shows and solo show!!!
thank you Mary! for giving me a chance to join fun show!

Monday, February 12, 2007

CHARITY BY NUMBERS-ebay auction!!

yes here is again... my banana painting for "CHARITY BY NUMBERS". but there is reason for why again...Now ebay auction is going on until next monday...there are many good stuff in the show.. pretty interesting...but all I want to say is please BIT! if you are interested in getting my banana painting.....
to help children.I believe all children are angels, whatever religion, they should be loved 100%,not abused.
last saturday night was the opening night.. I wanted to go to nucleus too, but my car was broken, and I was too tired to find someone who can give me ride to alhambra.....I heard "after these message" show opening was exciting... I wanted to see my friends though....I will check out next weekend...