Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday 11:30am

I worked on 2 paintings yesterday, and I forgot to put graze on them, so I just did it this morning, and now I need to wait till they get dry.

so, I just took some pictures,
I will start new painting today, , I am pretty excited..

and one I have been working on for a while,

and monica bear painting,, it is first time for me to start this way,, I think. I was not able to be good with pencil to do drawing, so I tried drawing by brush on canvas.

After I did enough painting,,
I went to have dinner and NAMAbeer, with Audrey last night, we finally got a chance, and it was fun,, less drunk, since I needed to drive 20min. I did not want to have drunken head,, and Audrey was next to me,, you know,,, I had a big responsibility ha ha ha....
Next time hope we get wasted...somehow, we haven't for a while.
"だよね〜ちひろちゃん! 次はいつにする?”,(ブログをおもちゃにする私...)

Her last weekend opening was great, packed and sold out!
Sensitive delicate cute and sexy artworks knocked out the audience... and collectors!
Super HOORAY for Audrey!!

I went to her show, with LUKE!
here I got his new toy from him!

and cutie Monica,, came from SF, (yes my newest model for my drawings and paintings..)
after she left I got a cute bunny package from her, and Kent got a blue tea pot,,and tea,
Sena got Mr. pickle!

and I got THIS BOOK!

Thank you for my friends!