Friday, February 15, 2008

Saturday 9:33 am

I have been working at NGTV again from middle of November, and I am there 10 hours, 5days, a week in dark art depertment, so I feel like weekends are so precious! there are so many things to do on weekends, but still I believe I am able to paint...
Honestly,, I need to force myself to do so.. or I will be lazy.. (since outside looks super nice..sunshineeee! aghhhh!)
I was there three years to do concept art works after I finished school in 2004, and got one year off to do other stuff, like some freelance jobs and gallery works.
One biggest coolest freelance job I did last year was for cartoonnetworkshow "class of 3000",
I storyboarded and artdirected "2 min. music video",
I believe I can see the music video on TV this year, I do not know when though,,, nobody told me when, I guess I should ask them.

And I did one COULD be a coolest freelance job for comic book series, "ABE SAPIEN", even though, the line art work is not by MIKE MIGNOLA, I was excited to paint for his ABE, (you know how much I love "HELLBOY"),unfortunately they did not like my color and texture... I wish I could get enough DIRECTION to COLOR for what they want, I might do better., well I still love MIKE MIGNOLA.. is for sure..........
If you are interested in, check out #1 issue of the comic, it is out, and let me know how bad I am....
(wow I sound so grumpy.. don't I)
here are 2 pages of my version, I will post all 24 pages for later.

And here I NGTV!!
we got a "Rock Band" and of course we were so addicted to it, but we played too much and now we are not allowed to play anymore...... well yes.. we should work hard anyway.....
My job is pretty fun, hope I can tell you soon what I have been creating for..
Have a nice 3 days weekend!