Friday, March 28, 2008

I am mad!!

Yes,really,,, my MINI got a scraTch ALREADY on his face. I am so pissed off and MAD "Fu%^$^$*&&(^&)*&()*_stU^&%&OUpeople, you do not even care what is around you.!!!!! thaat is why you are soooS%Tgu#$%@^&*UPEDDE!"
Hah,,,I am so sad.
there are so much UN fair going on around me... in this week.
I do not even want to think about them..I should go to temple to get rid of the bad things... or am I just BAD?

Anyway to forget about them, I was trying to paint just paint,,,,and here are some paintings I have been working on, I will finish soon, and start new ones soon.. I need to finish kind of a lot of painting before May, I am really having fun with them..though..well Life is unfair anyway..

newest painting...and I like them all...I think...