Friday, March 21, 2008

one month

How many times do I have to lose myself...ha,I have been in kind of empty mind in almost one month...I am not able to control myself well yet,( I am having pretty bad cold too,,,it is flu I think.) but I think I should post what is happening to me, to let you know what I have been up to, so and here the things,

yes! I got my MINI COOPER! yey yey wow wow!!
it is first time for me to have a brand new car which I wanted 100%,, I mean I customized him. I just love him SO MUCH, so I get super nervous, when I am driving, stopping, parking,, and then finally I can feel "phew", when I put my can in garage......I named him,"MARILLA", I hope I can register him as "MARILLA". Ye~y!
and I had been watching,"Breaking Bad" on AMC! and just finished first season. I just wanted to mention, because it was sooo good!! Did you see it?
And I went to figure drawing workshop two times, I had pretty fun time! and drew my friends and also started new paintings for my group show in May,
and finished this one!

and,,watched,"Across the universe","August Rush","Iron Giant","John Adams",,
Enough to make me frustrated thinking about making new animation project.....
and had a lot of alcohol... scratch margarita and scotch! wine, cranberry vocka, beer and sake!
oops, I am suppose to take care of my health,,, well that has been most difficult thing to do... ha,, ha,, I am trying though..anyway...
I need to work out for sure..

oh yes,I found the nice spot, (and I think I will paint something like this image,,)
JAPAN!! NIPPON!! yey yey.
I thought about so many things in that moment. and made me realized,
"I need to be appriciate for where I am.."
(I asked kent to take picture of me on last sunday, at somewhere corner on Abbot Kenny blvd.)

It is my one of favorite streets in whole my LA life,, well,, it is pretty weird expression, but I like the street from 1995,, so I think it is pretty long time to see the difference in development...but my favorite coffee shop,, the name I believe was,"Van Gogh's ear" is not there anymore,, a little bit sad.

and one word for Justin Wright, who lived only 27 years, yet realized his dream, and taught me that," I won't give up my dream, I will do my best for as much as I can, and I will appriciate everyday, I am able to live."
Thank you Justin Wright