Thursday, April 17, 2008

I was not enough awake to do art...

I took pictures of my paintings which I finished, and I realized that I should get frames and make them ready for group shows in next Month..
Time passes so fast....

Well, I just want to say why I am not awake today, because I went to see reggae concert at echoplex last night with Chihiro_chan. And came back home around 2:30 am. and woke up 6:00 am... So,, yes I just have sleepy head..
OH yes, before we went to the concert, I ate yummy "NATTO-CHEESE-GYOZA" Chihiro cooked and had sake..So when we got echoplex, I was pretty wasted honestly...

The singer's name is HALF PINT, whose album was one of my favorite, while I was reggae DJ in Japan long time ago, so anyway I was super excited because he was singing in front of me!! JAH RASTAFARI!!
We danced KRAZY with strangers,,,,dangerous dangerous..well there was not enough space that was reason..(>_<)...It was really fun though.

But I missed NONI,,Noni is my best friend who was always next me, when we had fun at school, home, party and reggae night club...I haven't seen her pretty long time. She will deliver her own baby girl in June, I am planning to go to she her and her baby!

I painted my friend's daughter, Fuyune, and title of this painting is "a piece of hope",
I dedicated this painting to all of my girl friends and my best friend NONI, who will become a mother soon.