Saturday, May 03, 2008

TWO Shows' Opening Saturday, MAY 10th!!

7 pm sharp! I will be at Nucleus!
3 years ago, I contributed two paintings for the first girls show at Nucleus, and that was first time for me to show my artworks at GALLERY, and I remember how happy I was to see my own artworks on the wall.
This is second girls show,, I was able to contribute again,, how lucky I am.. Please come to see all girls art works!!!!

and then
8pm. I will be at Copro Nason!

So I think Luke is super duper busy now,,,,,"Go Luke Go! I know you can do it!"..but I finished.. I brought all my paintings to gallery, so I just need to wait. I really enjoyed painting for this show. I wanted to evolve as a serious painter more, and I believe I did a little. Most coolest thing for me is that I know what I want more than ever now.

So anyway ,there is still bad thing happening to me, and it is not going away yet, but I think I just do what I really want to for now, because too much thinking and worry make me just @!#$%^&^*&(*O^%^&!!!
Please come to see this show, and if it is possible, please come to the opening, because I think it will be really fun!!!! and thank you Luke.