Thursday, September 11, 2008


I have been organizing, "what I should do" everyday little by little, trying to be productive
to get rid of frustration.
My biggest reason for frustration is NO JOB NOW.
But because of that I am able to organize, "what I want to do" also.
and well, yet I am able to paint everyday which is my most favorite thing to do,
but unfortunately I am not able to feel SAFE for living, I want to feel safe.
I am scared..yes again..but I am thankful for being alive and where I am.
Yet I am frustrated.
I get most frustrated when I do not feel satisfied with filling up responsibility.

I have SENA, it is 100% my responsibility to make her feel safe, so it has been not easy.

My dream was "becoming an artist", since I was 12 years old in serious way..And I am an artist, so my one of biggest dream I have came true.
I chose what I want to do....
and I know because of Sena, I have been able to be an artist.

YES right, anyway, I should make myself up to do "what I should doand what I want to do"...

and as always, SAKURAIKUN's new songs(Mr. Children) helped me too,
I am not kidding..always in perfect moment, His Words save me from "the hole",

and here is my best INSPIRATION for my MOTIVATION, SENA,, my newest painting I have been working on,

and I have been working on my animation projects,
I want to make them as tv series,
and I just finished the story for,"SWIFTY AND BANGIRAS", comics to pitch to "FLIGHT" comics...
wish me luck