Sunday, September 07, 2008


there will be a group show opening on coming this Saturday, I will go there 100% sure to see some of my old friends.
Before I go to CALARTS, I went to the school called ASSOCIATE IN ARTS in sherman oaks, it was private art school, and I learned traditional drawings and paintings besides animation, illustration skills. and Kevin Chen was one of my favorite teacher, he was still Art Center student yet he was master. I am so glad to show my works with him, hope he could give me teacher's critics for my works.
and John Watkiss, I took his drawing work shop, it was quite interesting and I liked it. I still remember those days..I was having so fun to draw and paint.
I cannot wait to see my friend Edwin and Sean also.....
and I really hope I can see many of my friends there too.
I have 4 paintings, and I just got framed for all, I will bring them to Nucleus tomorrow.
my story of works for this show is,
"Yellow", which is color of happiness I believe.

FIGURES & GROUNDS at Nucleus in Alhambra.
An exhibition of figurative work from 9 contemporary artists. The works range in their elements of representation, abstraction, and various degrees of surrealism.
Edwin Ushiro
Sean Cheetham
Kevin Chen
Mari Inukai
Chi-Kit Kwong
Patrick Leger
Christian Rex Van Minnen
Andrew Robinson
John Watkiss