Thursday, September 04, 2008


Its Sena's 16th birthday today. she left to school, and I am just blogging now,, (yes,, I will paint after finish this blog.)
what I have been thinking past 6.7 months was..." I want to do something special for her 16th. birthday..",
well there were plan, I got an offer for solo show in September this year from one gallery on Bevery blvd. where close to my ex-home, so I thought I would have sena's birthday special mari solo show, with 16 of paintings, and drawings which are just about Sena. And having opening party as her birthday party..

The gallery was closed 3 or 4 months ago, unfortunately, so my plan was BOO...well, but still I am painting and drawing 16 of her..
I haven't finished them all yet though,,.

I have been super duper 100% lucky to have her as my own daughter for 16 years and I will be forever.

Thank you for being with me, Sena,
I love you always and I am hoping your happiness always, and I will do my best to make us happy...
you are my the red and yellow Sun (>_<)!!