Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I am using Skype now,, yes,finally, I called my friends in Japan,
I think it is super cool, we can talk to our friends all over the world for free.. wow,,, thank you Skype.

one of my friends who I talked on was mamechyo( not a real name though). I want to introduce for everyone, he is a comic book artist, illustrator, designer, and my reggae DJ team friend from looong time ago! hooray!!
I did sketch with him, while we were talking,

we were both so excited by what we were doing with COMPUTERS,, oh my gosh,, miracle (DORAEMON is getting close to us)
ha ha ha(>_<)

and here are some of his super awesome works.

and this is the figure of HAZU he made also, HAZU is super duper cool DOOP BEAT HIP HOP DJ!! listen up!
who is my old friend also,,
looks like him and so good design....
I am super impressed!!

I really hope I can see them soon...and do something together....

and my sister Yumi visited from Boston, and brought me all "BANANA FISH" comics, 11 of them as a present to cheer me up....( how nice of her) and I finished reading all yesterday, with eating new "chocoballs",, they were yummy, they are nicely fit together aren't they..nice designs...

and we went to have Sena's 16th birthday dinner with Tom and Beth at "Patina"..Thank you Tom and Beth!!
here is dressed up shot...INUKAIZ!

and my newest painting of Sena,,,progress progress..

and inspiration for up coming paintings...

phew,,, I need to wind up myself , I cannot be lazy anymore........