Friday, August 22, 2008

Sena chobirinko

So,, I think I finally finished(?) a pretty big freelance job, I mean what big was that I needed to draw and paint from a seed to a big tree, from a word to a lot of words, which grew and changed again again again... kind of. And I painted in photoshop, yes not by my hand and brush, by wacom tablet. my hand is so tired. well anyway.. BIG PHEW.
I had been in super duper bad mood for 3 weeks, so Sena did not like it but she was just patient with dealing with marilla monster,,, and she just worried about me...
and so to make us feel better,
what we did today were,
played wii super mario cart a little bit...( I lOVE the game!)
and then
went to shopping, and got an iron, and oven toaster to eat super thick japanese bread toast.....uuummmm, but WE were not able to find japanese bread which I can cut it how we want, thick slice...
and then, I drew Sena.
She will be 16 years old next month.. Yes sweeeeet 16....

I will finish this painting today.