Friday, March 12, 2010

BIG Events!

Sena will take SAT test tomorrow for first time ever!
so i cooked chicken KATSU for tonight,, KATSUー勝つ means WIN in Japanese,,
縁起をかついじゃうんですね やっぱし、、受験ですからね。。。
she will be 18 in September,

by the way
i will be in a group show in NEW YORK!... ah~ so cool..
first time ever!
so i painted her,, i alway paint or draw her as the very first piece for celebrating debut at new place..

and when i saw her smile i said,," woo you look like QP-chan"
so i paint her..i mean Sena as a QP-chan..

i am not able to go to the show,,but my KOKORO will be there with Sena..
that is for sure..GRNY

And GRSF group show is UP!
Please check them out if you are living around SF!
i wish i could go...
And of course i painted sena as a pokemon character, and me,, who wears a broken mask..