Saturday, March 27, 2010

sailor fuku to kikanjyu

i have been working for my solo show...well actually 2 persons show..but i got my own room to show my works so i think i can call it as solo show.. yeah.
i am painting now,, i just got a little brake so i am blogging..

i started full time job almost 1 month ago, i hope i can keep the job for long i am a graphic designer for is secret, i cannot tell detail about...big competetion!
...once they come out at stores, i will let you know!! i am really excited and enjoying my job, but kind of scared,,cause it is not easy to keep everything always cool... need to design soooo good or i cannot keep the job...well i will see...
Anyway, so i got a job that i can paint without WORRY too much about a lot of STUFF..
i believe there are miracles and happens always,,i got a super lucky star...of course that is sena.
group show open at GRNY tomorrow night!!!