Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A little bit of SDCC 2010

It was quite different from past Cons, besides feeling kind of famous? (>_<)!!
I had pretty good geeky time!
After finished work today, I was tired from the weekend, ate and felt sleep, and woke up around 12 am and then start painting,
and finished painting for today, and now blogging. I should sleep since need to wake up 7 am and go to work....
oh well...I am not sleepy...

so here is my newest painting I am still working for the show, " Love Conquers All: Art For Equality" at Thinkspace Art Gallery

And here are some photos from Sena's camera, I just picked them out of 100 of 1000 of pictures...(@_@)

the last day, after we had yummiest Italian dinner! Past were sooooo gooooood.

Liam McKean! my favorite gentleman!

Drawing I did for Liam's sketch book...
The cover and index page were customized by his father Dave Mckean!! Oh~~uramayashi
anyway,,,my newest character and me! I think I will make plush toy of them.

I saw my friend Tanaka Ken twice at comicon, and I think he is super fan of David Mac
I did not know...(^__^) I like David too!

Me and ALEX!!! Malcolm McDowell!!!
I needed to say how much I like the character and the movie...

And here is Sena's new vampire boyfriend
( of course her right one)
and his friend and Sena,,hahaha..I don't even know character's names...who are these..?

I think I can sleep now... good night