Saturday, July 17, 2010

San Diego Comic Con and Sea No Evil!

It is getting so hot in Los Angeles,,kind of weird to feel this much hot,,hope it will be better next week...
From next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I will be at Comic-Con in San Diego,
one of my favorite events in summer time, and this year, I feel something special.
I have some favorites stores at Comic-Con, and every each year I have been excited going back to the stores to find cool new books, art works and toys,
and one of them is Stuart Ng Books Booth #5012
they carry really rare good books and I always find something I want there,
and this year, I will do signing and sketching for my books there!
OMG!! (>_<)!!
schedule is 7/4, Saturday, 4:30pm-6:30pm!

Before that signing, I will do sketching under a camera at Sketch Theatre Booth #5563 I drew my friend last year,
what I should draw this year....I need to think....oh maybe I will draw Sena!
schedule is 7/4, Saturday, 2pm-3pm

and at last, my very special favorite
Allen Spiegel Fine Arts Booth #4701 4703 4705
besides carrying a lot of beautiful artists' work books Allen represents,
I can see original art works of Jeffrey Jones, Kent Williams, Dave Mckean, and Jon J Muth,
and this year, some of my original art works will be on the wall with them!
I am so happy!.. like,, "yes! I did it"
I am not scheduling any event with the booth yet, but I will be around checking out...

Sooooo if you go to Comic-Con, please come to say HI to me!!! OK??!!

and on following Saturday, there will be Sea No Evil Artshow 2010
at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium,
and over 60 art pieces will be sold in an silent auction format for the sole benefit of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

and here is my piece for the show,

Trapped, Mix Media on Canvas, 20''x16'', 2010

Have a nice summer!