Monday, January 31, 2011


I got a call from one of my collectors who got two of my paintings, and asked me if I wanted to make toys in last Spring,
and so of course I said YES!
I explained them about my dream and plan of my characters in paintings and projects I have been working on pretty long time since i was in school, and they really LOVE it.
and so here we are!!! Thank you so much Mike and Rachel!! and all artists at Heroine International Limited!
Without your love,( i would love to say it is love) it wouldn't happpen

here are some of my sketches I sent to Heroine, they were so talented to figure out how I really wanted in 3D shapes!!!!!!
I was really really picky and selfish about how I want, without knowing the architects in materials and so on,
but I could have great communication and relationship with them while in production, I felt so lucky to work with them.

When you have them, you look at them and make big smile at them. That is all I want and SEKAISEIFUKUDAN want.