Monday, March 14, 2011

"it is miracle to be able to alive and to be given a life."

that is what a doctor said, after he was rescued from the hospital in Sendai,
when he had his first son in a hospital in another city
where his wife was at from right before earthquake hit.
he was directly hit by the tsunami, and still tried to help patients but lost 7 lives.
he felt really powerless, and he said, he was not able to feel happiness,
since he knows how many lives were lost.
his words are the truth.
it is miracle we are alive.

'we will be alright, just look forward, we can make it",
grand mother who was at one of evacuated facility, just ate a small fish cake.
it was her dinner, and might be her last since she doesn't know when she will be able to eat.
there is no more food.
what she ate on the last day, one strawberry, one banana, and one small fish cake.

a young father was finally able to talk to his daughter on the phone,
and said,
"oh~ finally i was able to hear your voice, i wish i could hold you right now but i cannot,
hang in there, just look forward, we will be alright..."

i believe that any contribution, big or small, will help many lives and bring some hope to those affected by this horrific disaster.

"i want to do something, i need to do something, "
and so these events are happening with all people who feel care and love.

this friday
Q Pop Help Japan Fundraiser
at Qpop shop in Los Angeles

one of my donated piece was already found home,
i appreciate your support 小山豆几君
two of my pieces are available in really reasonable prices.
here they are.

graphite pencil and water color on paper

auction starting bit $500

and this Saturday
Giant Robot Presents: Water Works - Fundraiser for the Devastation in Japan
at Giant Robot and GR2

"Mizu Tako"
graphite pencil and watercolor on paper

and also i will have two of signed painting books with original drawings,

and one of my figurines
$100-SOLD. thank you Amanda, arigato.

i will sign on if you want. (^_^)

and here is the one trustworthy donation organization.
do you remember "totoro forest project"?
they are doing again!!
and i will donate my art work too.

Artists Help Japan

Lets keep believing miracle and help Japan.