Wednesday, August 01, 2007


So! I went to Comic-con last weekend.
There were too many people, and too many stuff!
Sena and I got $100 each budget to be able to spend,well what we got are pretty cool, and we did not spent over budget, so that was cool also.
I got New Hokusai book, tekkonkinkreet books, Elizabeth's print, Morgan and Jeremy's books, Abe Sapien Qee, Haruhara Haruko doll, jyaka jyaka jan frog figure. And Sena got white OX ugrydoll, many tiny figures of pokemon and new Jim Henson's city critters,,,and and Naruto frog bag!
besides fun shopping, coolest things were, we met our favorite people!! I do not think I can see them anywhere except at Comic-con!

Here is Bart and Sena,

And Shin-chan and Sena,

And Blade Runners and me! (new special DVD will come out!)

And our hero parappa the rapper!

And Sena got parappa the rapper hat!

And I found Mel-kun at 3 different spots!

the people at one of store said, Mel-kun was lucky charm!
Soooo coool!

And I met Colby who has tatto of my design on His Body!
I will post the picture of Colby when I get pictures from Nucleus!