Monday, August 13, 2007

I missed ninja opening......bad..mari..bad.
I am sorry...Ben...
Here is a painting I finished last week, and one of best painting I have ever done, I believe.
I am really happy with..yes that is why.
Always trying my best but it is impossible to feel happiness with everything what I have done..
so please come to my solo show to see the original, it is pretty big..

I went to Nickelodeon Creator's nite party last Friday, it was fun! I was able to see my friends and ate good sushi...(I couldn't believe it was catering sushi..WITH JAPANESE SUSHI MEN!! I order sushi in JAPANESE!!!! it was just awesome...)
Besides good food and the drink,(Jack Daniel with real apple and cranberry juice..ha.. those just killed me)
oh,,made me feel like,,"I want to make animtion!!"
So, eventhough, I really need to keep painting for my shows!
But, I will start work on my new animation projects and try to finish unfinished projects...

I think I want to animate with pen and ink....since I got a perfect toy for making pen drawing how I want,
I can control lines,,,in many kind of feel so good..
Still really need practice ..but I feel good so this is cool enough for me!!! yes for ME!!!
here are some doooooodle I did, and...

Kento-s BATMAN.
ha only I can have!......yes it is mine.!
(I know.. this is another show and tell...)